Club des ornithologues de l'Outaouais

Regional database (ÉPOQ)

To complete a bird list, the procedure is as follows:

Be as precise as possible and indicate where the observation was made. If the observation was made at your own house, indicate the address and the city.

Indicate the date (with the month spelled out, e.g. 10 November 1954).

Complete one bird list per day per site. All observations for the same day and the same site can be indicated on one bird list.

To indicate the time, use the international system: e.g. 14h30 to 15h15 (for 2:30 to 3:15 pm).

Indicate the number of birds for each species in the space provided before the species' name. It is preferable to indicate an estimated number rather than simply checking off the species.

To avoid mistakes, underline the name of the bird species being reported.

For any special comments concerning a bird or birds seen, please use the space on the back of the bird list.

If possible, specify the sex and approximate age of the birds reported: male, female, juveniles or adults with juveniles.

If the observations are about an unusual species of bird not included on the bird list, please call 778-0737 and leave a message. We will contact you as soon as possible for more details. Be sure to write the name of the species on the bird list.

Please use a pen, not a pencil.

Only observations of birds on the Qu ébec side of the Ottawa River may be reported, not those on the Ontarian side.

Please send your bird lists to the following address: Club des ornithologues de l'Outaouais, C.P. 1419, Succ. Hull, Gatineau (Québec) J8X 3Y1

You may send your bird lists on a monthly basis or whenever you have completed several of them.

If you need more birds of Québec check lists, please call 778-0737 and leave your name and postal address or send us an email at

For the birders who wish to report in species at risk, please use the following form for each observation done: Signalement d'une espèce en péril en période de nidification

Your contributions are much appreciated. Thank you!